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Cazza's Top 5 Intentions for 2018

Happy New Year to you!

Looking forward to a fresh start!

Cazza Journal this week has seen a lovely Christmas time with family and friends and found time today to catch up with my notes, sort the craft cupboard and write todays post…

Cazza’s Top 5 Intentions 2018


It’s so easy to get so busy that things start to go wrong! ‘ Being disorganised is expensive!’ We missed our flight to our new year Iceland adventure today. Bag drop closed 5 minutes earlier, had we been more organised and left earlier… Why did we leave late, tiredness, not enough rest, my number 2. One has to be organised to achieve anything, have a plan and work to it. What would is your big idea, your dream for 2018, how will you make it happen? I'm working through my D.R.E.A.M.S. acronym to make something special happen this year, watch this space...

2. Rest is best

How many times a week do you have chill time? Your ‘Me Time’ my ‘Caz Time’ doing anything you enjoy to relax. I’ve only just started and I’m loving it. Taking 5mins - 1hr of time! Take a bath, lie on your bed; stretch, meditate. Where are you going to find the time? Stop social media, resist the next episode of the great Netflix series. Stop screens, unless you are listening to a Cazza Chill Mix, it is Music Friday ( only 1 song, a collaborative playlist, do add any get chill music) or timing yourself for a 10 minute meditation or put on a track and stretch for 3 mins or more. Christmas Cazzasize Stretch to O Holy Night was excellent. Only I saw it, sorry.

There are so many colds, hangovers, burn outs around Christmas, please find time to relax and sleep, so important. See Top 5 natural ways to Sleep for top tips for a good sleep.

3. Connection

I’ve been in a bubble for 2 years; inside my own world, remembering my life and looking forward, writing my stories, ideas and investigations.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Jumpers was a great time to meet new people and reconnect with friends. Bringing people together brings so much joy, why joy just at Christmas? Why only nice now? Why not every day? We’re not perfect, finding time to spend with others, your loved ones and friends and friends of friends. Is not so easy, one has to make the effort!

I will be bring back Cazza Live in 2018, hopefully more than just the 1 as 2017.

Join Cazza Fan Club to here all about my exciting plans…

4. Eat Well

Christmas is a time for over indulgence. The new year is a great time to start fresh, a new slate to go vegan… The amazing Gem’s Wholesome Food will be sharing her Top 5 vegan dishes to see your through the January nights. After I learnt cheese is bad for your brain, I have eased off especially as our whole house ‘smelt like stinky cheese’ (GG’s favourite Christmas story) after husband nearly burnt the Vacherin.

I love a green diet in January, join me at Cazza Fan Club and receive all my updates to keep you lean and green.

5. Practise

‘Practise makes perfect’ why do I never take my own advice…

Practise is habit forming, finding the time each day to consistently practise. I’m not sure where I’m going to find the time to practise; singing, piano, guitar, french, running, meditation.

Which brings me back to Number 1 Organisation.

I have my Cazza Journal notebook, loosely based on the Bullet Journal, alas not as elegant as others online. Mine is full of ideas, rants and writing, daily lists of things to do, sometimes with a time plan.

And as an extra bonus to the Top 5 of Intentions…


I would of gone mad, tears streaming down my face, if I’d missed a flight a year ago. I’m thankful of my peace today, to accept we made a mistake and use my new time wisely.

No ones fault the universe decided to teach us a lesson and not to do too much.

Find time to be.

Thank you to everyone for making Christmas great this year, despite the recent loss and sadness. We had a lovely time.

Happy New Year!

Cazza Brighton seafront

Love my new C earrings thank you husband and Katty

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Please share your Top 5 intentions to inspire your happiness.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, wealthy 2018 full of love, fun and adventure.

Love love love,


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