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New year in reykjavik iceland, vegan lasagna and 10k run

Happy New Year!!

Hope you are well and rested for the start of 2018 and you had a lovely new year.


We had a blissful time in Iceland with dear friends.

Reykjavik for New Year is a top spot to see fireworks and the Northern Lights. (The rescue service are funded by the sale of the fireworks and it’s a show off wealth when you send up a ton of explosions.)

The boom and blasts start at around 6pm and go on until 2am, (apart from 30 minutes when everything stops to watch a satirical comedy show about the year in Iceland)

Then a huge crescendo at midnight.

We watched from the back garden with a panoramic horizon exploding every second.

A total thrill!

The sun doesn’t rise in the winter until 10.30am and we were treated to a lie in on new year day. I woke GG at 11am ‘6 more minutes’ was her reply.

GG loves the snow, this was her first time.( Brighton missed the recent flurry ) we went sledging on the near by frozen lake, she was facedown eating the snow.

Her outfit might be better at Snow Bombing…

We a had brief visit to Reykjavik; the cathedral, shops, a tasty pastry coffee shop Sandholt , the lighthouse and beautiful mountains.

The forecast for the Aurora Borealis was great! The super full moon was so bright it glowed a halo and flood lit the frozen lake for some midnight skating. Alas no northern lights… A great reason to stay in a glass igloo, Lapland, Finland in February one day…

I feel so very lucky to have wonderful friends and my darling husband. We had a lovely chilled stay, I even did a jigsaw puzzle. Thank you so much!

The Blue Lagoon is a must visit, near the airport great to stop by before catching your flight and the lunch in Lava the restaurant was scrumptious and the algae face masks…

One for the Ugly Album

This photo has made me stop wearing make up for January. My face hurts. What was I thinking, the Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita palette seemed to shift and the Bobbi Brown concealer isn’t concealing my acne chin from eating sugar and drinking copious glasses of Bailey’s on ice, delicious.

Visit Iceland, new year is magical and summer it's light all night, many more adventures to be had, plans are afoot...


Eat Well

January is a great time to re boot your body with healthy eating. Lovely Gem from Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen has contributed a beautiful vegan Rainbow Lasagna recipe. I'll share a photo of my Saturday effort, hope it looks as wonderful.

Click the pic for the recipe and follow Gem here and here


Who will join me on a 10km run in April raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK?

I have never been a fan of running so 10km is a challenge for me. I downloaded 10k a training app.

First run today on the running machine was mostly walking and felt very dizzy when I answered the door to a delivery…

Cazza running machine

The app has stretches and cool down and builds up to 10k in a few months. I walk/jogged 3 km today, that’s nearly a 3rd of the way.

The Brighton BM10K 2018 is on Sunday 15th April, the same day as the marathon but not as hard…

I’m hitting the streets Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ( running machine when it’s raining… ) Sign up here


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I love With A Little Help From My Friends, here’s a playlist of covers; the excellent Joe Cocker, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, The Beach Boys, The Flaming Lips, Barbara Dickson and Barbra Streisand and more.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Love love love,


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