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Can you naturally cure a chronic illness?

Today I report on a doctor who claims to be able to cure any chronic illness including Dementia, his book and Ted Talk, a great exhibition, a calming technique, a gorgeous vegan stew and Music Friday, read on…

On Saturday we drove to London to see Jean Michel Basquiat’s exhibition at The Barbican, last few few days if you’re a fan, finishes on Sunday 28th Jan. A great collection of his work with the brilliant Andy Warhol Jean Michel Basquiat painting he made early in their friendship. The exhibition shows the film Downtown 81 about the underground art scene in NYC in the early 80’s featuring Debbie Harry as a bag lady who turns into a princess when kissed. Debbie and Jean were pals, he features in Blondie’s Rapture video, see Music Friday.


We listened to Radio 4’s Saturday Live. Dr Rangan Chatterjee was on air talking about his new book The 4 Pillar Plan: How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life.

And I was surprised to learn RELAX is as important as sleeping, eating well and exercise.

How often do you RELAX or CHILL or CHILLAX? as we used to joke.

Whenever I can I love a little lie down, (LLD) I listen to a meditation on Insight Timer, a great app for guided meditation and bonging sounds to time 5/10 or however minutes you have available.

I sometimes stretch, all the 10k training is making me ache.

I have thought of making a new CAZZASIZE, who would like to see my routine?

What is your favourite way to relax? A calming bath, read a book, go for a gentle walk, lie on the sofa and watch something. Don’t watch Detroit if you want a relax though. I had to leave after an hour, the police brutality in 1967 in the city was horrendous. I had to go for a LLD to calm myself.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee has a TEDTALK claiming he can cure any chronic illness including Dementia with his 4 pillar plan. He says 1 in 4 has a chronic illness in this country, that is a quarter of our population! It’s no wonder our NHS is under so much pressure. Our country is sick. We need more advertising and eduction on healthy food and a change in cultural habits.



Another great way to relax and calm is the 4 breathe.

Find a quiet place for 4 minutes. Sit with your feet on the floor, hands on your lap, close your eyes and breathe in for 4. Hold for 4. Breathe out for 4. Repeat for 4 minutes, set your timer.

This method will bring calmness and clarity to you.



Gorgeous Gems Wholesome Kitchen has shared another delicious recipe Butter Bean, Ginger and Spinach Stew. So comforting on these cold dark nights and super healthy, packed full of spices including turmeric, known for it's brain benefits.

Enough for 6, freeze some for future dinners or host a vegan dinner party!

We added some banana chutney from Krissy of Sussex. A pass on gift from dad, he doesn’t eat curries. Never thought of banana chutney, I’m happy to report it is delicious. A great tang with the tomato and bean stew with brown rice, yum! Stocked here


Behind the scenes at Blondie's Rapture video Debbie Harry, Jean Michel Basquiat, Fab Freddy Five

Has to be Best of Blondie, including Rapture, Hanging on The Telephone, Atomic, Heart of Glass, so many classic hits! A perfect compilation for driving and a kitchen disco.


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