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Top 5 gratitude journal tips

Top 5 gratitude journal tips

Gratitude, giving thanks for all the good stuff in your life will bring you wellness and over flow with joy! Today top tips to start your gratitude journal, a scientifically proven way to lift your mood and make you happy, relaxed and healthy.

‘It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful’

A quote from a Jesuite priest via Brene Brown a PHD doctor who has investigated for 12 years how gratitude releases stress, brings happiness to our lives and better sleep. Here’s her video on joy and gratitude with a top tip for meal times.

Can you spare 5 minutes to write a gratitude journal before bed or perhaps a morning routine ( impossible with small children, every moment of sleep is precious) to create a perfect slumber and awesome day?

Dr Rangan Chattergee speaks of gratitude as a way to relax in his 4 pillar book with top tips on sleep, move, eat and relax. I’m listening while run training for the 10k, join me! The book is full of useful information he has gathered over 15 years as a GP. Gratitude as a way to relax and bring wellness to your life.

Daily written gratitude ( if you miss a day, don't worry, tomo is another day) is the way forward to happiness...

Here are my Top 5 tips for your gratitude journal


A beautiful notebook.

I love stationary and any excuse to find a new notebook. I was gifted a lovely book from India. G for gratitude. Perfect.


The right pen.

When writing by hand, the perfect pen is important. I do love a hotel pen, the Madonna Hotel pen writes like a dream, black ink incased in bright pink. Check out my Top 5 places to go LA - San Fran road trip. A must visit on your trip.


Write your top 5 gratitude, thanks with feeling. I love saying thanks, especially when getting in a grump about something. Twitching your thoughts to thanks brings you to a positive state of mind. Writing down your gratitude cements your thoughts and helps you focus on goodness.

Take 5 minutes and write your top 5 thanks for the day.

1.Thank you for the sunshine and the wonder of vitamin D.

2.Thank you for the energy to run 7km and receive fireworks on my fit bit for 10,000 steps by 11am.

3.Thank you for an hour of Caz Time to relax and re energise.

4.Thank you for my new notebook and the ability to find the Madonna pen, by being so organised I was able to locate it in one of my two pen draws.

5.Thank you for my family, bringing me everything I need; love, time and space.


Write a nice thing you have done today.

Tidied the whole house to create a peaceful environment for the weekend.


Write a nice thing someone has done for you today.

Zanea for cleaning HQ and making a perfect space of happiness.

Please create a gratitude journal and see how your happiness improves.

Comment below on your gratitude wins.

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Thank you for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love love love.


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