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Top 5 bedtime routine

Are you getting enough zzz's? Feel refreshed and ready for your day on waking? Read on for top tips for a bedtime routine for a good nights sleep!

Sleep is in the Top 5 secrets to a happy life. Sleep is so important ~ I dedicated a whole month to the subject last year.

Doctor C also suggests a bedtime routine; go to bed 90 minutes before sleep, no screens, amber or red light to aid good rest.

To help you have a great nights sleep Cazza's Top 5 bedtime routine, allow 1 hour.

Start around 9.30pm, eyes closed at 10.30pm, up 7.30am 8 hours sleep, the magic number! ( only 2 success days this week!)

1. Cleanse, moisturiser, massage

Use your favourite products. I'm pretty basic, do you have an amazing system, please share.

After a bout of perioral dermatitis I am using a very basic cleanser Cetraben, it works as a moisturiser too, cleared my skin in days.

Then massage your face with upward strokes, willing your face to lift.

A little almond oil, massage your shoulders, arms crossing your chest.

2. Gratitude Journal

Studies show writing a gratitude journal before bed makes you appreciate your life and falling asleep on happy thoughts of luck and good will, will improve your slumber and your next day. Worth a try... Read my Top 5 gratitude journal tips HERE

3. Plan next day

Use your journal or your phone notes. ( no phones in the bedroom is not currently possible, how am I going to listen to number 5!)

Planning your day is the best way to work through your to do list. My list today was packed, hence the late and tardy posting of this post.

Planning your day doesn't leave time for internet holes and social media tunnels, unless you have planned for a 30 minute binge on FB.

Planning your day keeps you on track.

Planning your day makes you do stuff.

Even if you write, sit on sofa and watch whatever.

And don't forget to plan some You Time; read, learn, exercise, chill and listen to music.

4. Stretch

In bed, lie down and stretch out your ham strings. Hug your knees into your chest to release the lower back. Spinal twist, take your knee to the right for a hip stretch and then to the left. Then reach for your phone.

5. Meditation

Go to your Insight Timer and pick a 5 minute music piece or a guided night time audio. Or go longer 10, 20 minutes. Try no to fall asleep, you don't want to woken hours later wearing uncomfortable headphones.

Or if you fancy listening to music, it is Music Friday! try this Erik Satie Gymnopedie No 1 and really listen to the instruments with no other thoughts, just the music and deep breathes.

Please try my top tips and let me know if they work for you too.

I'm here to help.

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Love love love,


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