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How to start running!

Running is a great exercise! How to start running, the first challenge and raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

My darling friend Emma Sola, inspired me by starting her run training last year. She told me about the BM10K ‘fast and flat’ for Alzheimer’s Research UK, part of the Brighton marathon day, only easier. As a beginner, this looked perfect. One needs a challenge to keep you motivated.


1. Buy running shoes and insoles. There are loads of shops that measure your feet and arch and fit your trainers perfectly for you, a good pair of trainers and fitted insoles will help avoid injury. It may seem a lot to pay out, I promise you will love running and be a great investment. Don't be like me and buy a pair of trainers for the colour online. This resulted in a hurt foot, luckily not a stress fracture, just a strain, phew!

2. Buy new snazzy running outfit with butt lifting lycra and super support bra or use your old leggings and tee shirt.

3. Download an app to help you. I love Run 10k, the app takes you on a 13 week training regime featuring warm up and cool down stretches. Week one starts slowly, walking for 10 minutes, running for 1 minute and gradually builds with the runs getting longer. I never thought I’d be able to run for 30 minutes non stop on not much sleep and a bit of a hangover, oops! (Love Arcade Fire)

4. Follow Chi Running. The technique ‘takes age-old principles from T’ai Chi to help runners of all ages move more efficiently and effectively, improving performance and reducing risk of injury.' Posture, relaxation, landing mid foot, engaged the core, connecting the mind and body. Makes running easy and fun.

5. Listen to Audio books. The College of Run! Books are knowledge and reading books take ages, especially if part of your night time routine, often falling asleep with the lights on and waking up with a book wedged into your cheek.

Audible, an audio book app has a lead magnet or a ‘sign you up sweeter' with a 30 free trial. Don’t forget you signed up as £9 will come out of your account. I was alerted to 5 credits when my Cazza account nearly hit red, eek! ( one needs to read and apply the knowledge, sorry Jen)

I’ve learnt the 4 Pillars of Health, How to Win Friends and Influence people and French.

On peut le faire! We can do it!

Mixed with music. It is Music Friday! Please send me your 60 minute running playlists; French rap, drum n bass, pumping beats, RUN playlist HERE. (soon)

Alzheimer’s Research UK is a wonderful charity raising funds for research and awareness for this terrible disease.

Little is known about our complex brains, scientists are not absolutely sure what cause Alzheimer’s. What destroys the brain and the neural pathways that effect memory and body function? More research from leading doctors and scientists is needed to find the prevention and cure for Dementia patients.

Dementia is a heartbreaking disease.

I’m on a mission to raise fun and funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

I’m so happy! My friends are joining me this Sunday The Cazza Crew 10k are Emma, Kim, Ian, Norman, Woody, Nick, Andy.

Please go HERE and sponsor us. We’d love to raise as much money as possible to help find the cause, prevention and cure for Dementia.

And join me on my next mission Running Down Dementia, more details soon.

I love running 3 times a week for an hour. Running machine when raining, seafront when fine. I feel trim and fit, even in 28” jeans!!

Exercise is good for you, it boosts your mood, gives you stamina, strength and tones your body.

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Love love love,


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