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Running Down Dementia

The summer is here, hooray! A great way to shape up for the sunshine, running! Sponsored running keeps you motivated and raises money for much needed charities. ( Brownie points, I was a Pixie) Today on news on last weeks BM10K and a new challenge, will you join me?

I have the running bug! I never thought I would say that! The BM10K and my darling friend Emma Sola inspired my new love of running and I’m so happy!

Running 3 times a week with the excellent app HERE to train for the run, raising funds for Alzheimer's Research UK. Asking friends, followers and fans 'Join the Cazza Crew BM10K?'

Thank you to Emma, Kim, Norm, Woody, Lloyd, Andy, Nick and Ian who ran with me. This was a new experience and loved it!

Early start last Sunday, Brighton Marathon Day, we met at Preston Park. I couldn't resist, I caped up the Alzheimer Research UK tees.

A huge 10K crowd departed the park early, pounding the streets of Brighton, before the hardcore marathon runners and their 26 .2 miles!

The Glastonbury 2016 fan came in handy, the colours matched the tees! Running is very hot, a fan is essential and a selfie stick!

Having never run 10K before last Sunday, (the app is 13 weeks and I only did 11)

Norm said, 'You are running all the way!' With his help and Lloyd we made it to the end in 1hour 6mins and 36secs!

We all need a little help from our friends.

The whole Cazza Crew ran great times!

Nick finished in 46 mins! He is a seasoned runner, having 8 marathons under his belt and likened to a 1970’s dad, I think it was the headband.

Thank you to everyone who ran and all the generous donations. Nearly £3000! Cheers!! If you'd like to donate the Just Giving page is open HERE

Motivation is needed to keep running; fit body, clear head, new knowledge from the Audio books and Alzheimer’s Research UK has a new challenge.

Will you join the CAZZA CREW RDD18?

Everyone is welcome.

The 1st 5 K is this Sunday 22nd April 9am Brighton Pier 5K walk/run.

I’ll be there with £5 to donate to Alzheimer’s Research UK, will you too?

There’s 18 dates over the summer in London, Brighton, Bexhill, Cambridge, Somerset, Port Elliot, France. Get your diary ready and join me!

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Thank you for visiting. I hope to inspire happiness and help find the cause, prevention and cure for Dementia, the heartbreaking disease.

Love love love,


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