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Top 5 Tips to avoid a running injury

Running is a great form of exercise for body and mind. Be careful if you’re a newbie you don’t want an injury from ill fitting shoes and not looking after yourself! And if you do hurt yourself rest.

Follow my Top 5 Tips to avoid injury.

1. Buy proper running shoes and insoles. Go to a running specialist shop and have your running style analysed and your feet specially measured. Buy insoles for your running shoes made specially. They last 1000 miles so more durable than buying cheap off the shelf. Try on running trainers!! The Sweat Shop allow you to try your new insoles for 90 days and your trainer of choice for 30 days, you can go back and exchange for another pair if unhappy!

2. Strengthening exercises. I love Pop Sugar, Anna has made a 10 MINUTE STRENGTH WORKOUT for your hips, balance, core. Add it onto your run routine to strengthen your muscles.

3. Stretch! I love stretching, put on your favourite chill music and stretch there are loads of routines on you tube, thinking a new Cazzasize… coming soon. Follow my first Stretch Cazzasize HERE and my favourite Yoga by Candace has this lovely routine for 20 minutes. HERE

4. Massage Roller Stick. Found this gem on Amazon, looks like a police truncheon. Two handles both ends with 7 roller beads. When in a deep stretch, roller the pain with the stick for a beautiful release. (Also great from your belly when you’ve over eaten, to release air!)

5. Relaxing bath. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath for 15 minutes. Add sea salt or epson salt to reduce swelling and calm your central nervous system. Use essential oils to help you relax and ease sore muscles such as eucalyptus, bergamot and lavender. (source)

And pop on Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess skin clay mask to add luxury to your relaxation.

I didn’t take the advise and go to a specialist and have running shoes fitted, my running style analysed for premium running. I didn't get a running coach and a strength coach or a therapist releasing you from your past pain, so you move on to your next phase of life bigger and better!

I have a sore foot, possible stress fracture, maybe a pulled muscle. I have to go to my GP wait for an X-ray to rule out the bone damage, then onto muscle repair. Rest for a month!!

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Please share your top tips for injury free running.

Be safe, be happy.

Love love love,


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