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Top 5 Tips to Stop A Sugar Addiction.

Are you addicted to sugar and want to STOP! Do you get horrid zits after eating chocolate ice-cream or the odd biscuit or two…

Having battled with terrible skin after eating the contents for the cupboard of Christmas leftovers; mince pies, quality street, marzipan. My skin exploded in perioral dermatitis. I stopped wearing make up and hid for the whole of January.

Cazza Perioral Dermatitis Jan 18

Cazza Perioral Dermatitis Jan 18

Do you want to look and feel amazing? Find sugary treats too tempting? Need help to stop your cravings?

Please follow Cazza’s Top 5 Tips to Stop A Sugar Addiction.

1.Drink a glass of water. This will stop you from reaching for the packet of biscuits in the cupboard (bought in for the babysitter…) You’ll have to get up and fill a glass . This will distract you from wanting to eat that biscuit and cleanse your body of toxins.

2. Listen to this morning meditation. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and breathe in the good messages to eat well and think positively, preparing you for a wonderful day and sugar free.

3. Never buy anything sugary. Biscuits, chocolate bars, sour fizz sweets, percy pigs, ice cream, nothing! This takes the temptation away when the craving gets bad and it will, this is not easy. This is hard when shopping as there is temptation everywhere. Try ordering your weekly shop online so you don’t have to go to the shop, saving you time to have fun stuff.

4. Eat seeds nuts, grapes, banana, carrot, cucumber, etc. Chop and pop in a container in the fridge and decant to a travel container when out and about. This takes away the temptation to buy sugary snacks. Always have something in your bag. Being prepared for any sugar lows and low will power.

5. A teaspoon of honey or algae syrup when things are desperate. No one is perfect. The first week is tricky and you’ll want to eat sugar and crumbly into a pile of hobnobs. After a while your taste buds will change and you won’t want to eat sugar. Having a small amount of natural sugar will ease the craving at the start.

Eating sugar is habitual. Watching TV on a Saturday with family with a packet of chocolate, after work treats, travel energy, breakfast.

Recognise where your craves hit and be prepared, mine is in the afternoon, I have my nuts ready.

My skin is pretty clear after eating a whole food plant based diet for a couple of months.

I occasionally eat ice cream and have to deal with an outbreak. I know to drink water, eat nuts and seeds and listen to the morning meditation.

Please try my Top Tips to stop a sugar addiction and let me know how you get on.

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Have a great weekend. It’s a sunny bank holiday, woohoo!!

Love love love,


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