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Top 5 Tips for an Inbox Detox

General Data Protection Regulation has come into play today, giving you a golden opportunity to delete all the emails that clog up your inbox. I had 3000 unopened emails, clouding my computer, t’s so easy to subscribe to shops, blogs and gurus, you can become bogged down. Time for a spring clean of your computer!

Here’s my Top 5 Tips for an Inbox Detox!

1. Block out time. Treat your inbox detox as tidy time. Plan your day, find 1 hour to dedicate to this spring clean.

2. ‘Sort by From’ your emails, A-Z ing your email list.

3. Review all your GDPR emails unsubscribing where needed.

4. By letter, block delete any emails that you don’t need or haven’t time to read. You will never have the time so delete delete delete!

5. Go to your trash and say goodbye to your unwanted messages.

You will be amazed at how fast your computer runs and how zen your inbox looks.

This task may be simple for you, deleting emails as soon as they pop up.

Or you may be like me and more disorganised, allowing your inbox to get cluttered. Some of us need more help and I hope this simple guide will prompt you to clean up your computer.

To read my new privacy rules in accordance with the GDPR laws that passed today HERE.

My mission is to inspire happiness, happiness is a tidy inbox!

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Summer is coming!!

Join me on Sunday 27th May, Brighton Pier for Running Down Dementia 5k. Please visit my new Running Down Dementia page for the story and future dates.

We have raised £80 so far which equals 4 hours of Alzheimer and Dementia research to find the cause, prevention and cure for the heart breaking disease. Those 4 hours might be the break through… More money is needed please come along £5 for 5K, all funds go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

There is hope for the future, that no family suffers the pain of this horrible disease. By following my advice, to look after yourself, you will live a happy healthy life full of love, fun and adventure!

It’s a bank holiday, have fun!! And block 1 hour for your inbox detox!

Love love love,


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