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Cazza Christmas Conga is out!

Cazza Christmas Conga is out!! Woohoooo!!

Cazza Christmas Conga fan Alzheimer's Research UK

The big song and dance for Alzheimer's Research UK, raising funds and cheers to find the cause, prevention and cure to this heartbreaking disease.

I’m super excited, I’ve never released a record before. Cazza Christmas Conga is Cazza 1 on Cazza Records is out!

Friends and family have helped so much, without them this crazy dream wouldn’t come true.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

This crazy dream needs you too!

We're going LARGE on this crazy dream.

Be part of the sensation. With your talent and time we can go to the top! Christmas Number One! Join me!

The song is a Christmas classic with children's choir, trumpets, bells and bongos.

There hasn't been a big Christmas hit since The Darkness and Don't Let The Bells End.' in 2003.

If you know me, if you don't know me go HERE Buy the single, donate and download the song.

There’s loads of parties in coming up! It’s party central. Join me, invite me, conga long with me!

Go to for more information.

I'm so happy today's Music Friday is Cazza Christmas Conga!

Cazza Christmas Conga Alzheimer's Research UK

Follow your dreams, dreams come true.

Love love love,


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