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Wide Open The Chemical Brothers

Today's Music Friday is Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers featuring Beck

from their recent album Born in Echoes.


The brilliant video is directed by DOM&NIC, their eighth for The Chemical Brothers.

Yes I know DOM&NIC have already featured on Music Friday this month, I am a huge fan of theirs. I worked with them for 7 years as their costume designer and Nic is my amazing husband. I've been wanting to post this for weeks, but the video wasn't ready.

Starring dancer and actress Sonoya Mizuno, choreographed by Wayne McGregor. A one shot dance in a London warehouse, where Sonoya turns into a plastic lattice version of herself. The post production has been so complex it's taking The Mill 4 months to complete and the finished video looks stunning.

Sonoya features in Ex Machina a 2015 British science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Alex Garland in his directing debut, a great watch. She flew in from LA for two days for the video. A days rehearsal with Wayne, then the shoot.

Wayne McGregor is a multi award winning choreographer of contemporary modern dance working with the Royal Ballet and Random Dance. We went to the Royal Opera House to see his recent Raven Girl, it was an amazing spooky performance. Here's Wayne's Ted Talk about his creative process.

He's a big fan of The Chemical Brothers and was happy to get involved with the project.

Wide Open is another great track from Born in Echoes, a favourite to dance round the kitchen.

Well done everyone!!


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