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Shoes, Gucci, House of Harlow and more...

Shoes shoes glorious shoes! Are you a shoe addict too? How many pairs do you own? Is there a pair you're hankering after?

Is is crazy to sell my shoes to buy a designer pair of shoes for a 2nd birthday present?

Just look at these!

I love them and GG is going to adore them.

Her favourite colour is purple and her initials are GG.

I made a pact with myself after applying the KondoMari method, that I cannot buy any new clothes or shoes until I sell my sell selection. I would like to sell my shoes to fund buying this crazy Gucci pair for Gloria's 2nd birthday in May. GG loves shoes, check out my instagram for a sweet little film of her in my shoes.

I know it's ridiculous, will I make the total £420?

(makes me shudder at the price and I could give everything to charity, but I need new stuff and these shoes would make me very happy and GG too!)

A selection of shoes ( some have sold, ladies have excellent taste )

At the time of writing, I owned 58 pairs of size 6 shoes and boots, far too many to fit in the wardrobe or loft space. Having applied Marie Kondo's, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying to all footwear, deciding to keep 32 pairs (I am a hoarder) The charity has bags full and I have selection I'd like to sell.

Some unworn or just a couple of times, loads of pairs brought without a thought of my fat feet.

There are lots of great shoes and boots in my sell selection that just don't suit me or hurt my feet, they don't spark joy. I've made many bad choices, turquoise narrow stilettos (drunk NYC shopping) Or stupidly buying the wrong size in a gorgeous boot because the correct size was unavailable. Or the shoes went with a certain outfit for that one party and never been worn again.

Presenting to you, my readers and your size 5,6,7 friends, the first choice of my sell selection.

I'd like to release this footwear to a new happy life with an appreciative owner.

The shoes are now available on my new cazzasellselection ebay account, go, see and buy! There's great spring trainers and lots of other pairs too, you can bag a real bargain!

My shoe sell selection gallery

A happy customer

Lovely Lizzy walked away, yesterday, with some great Nike silver Air Max. Only worn for a few hours at my 40th party, (they went with my silver dress) She made me an offer, Lizzy was happy, I was happy.

I do hope you like my selection and they find lovely new owners. Will I sell all the shoes and make GG's birthday even more special?

Please share with size 5,6,7 friends and let the joy flow, subscribe and follow if you're interested in stuff I like.

Love love,


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