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Matriarchy playlist by Laura Kelly

A little help from your friends is often needed and Laura Kelly is the best friend, to lots of people. I’m very lucky to be one of them.

Lozza has worked, for years, tirelessly for record companies. She is so talented and gifted, gorgeous with a hilarious sense of humour, very caring and kind too. I asked Loz to make me a playlist for International Women’s week. Circumstance delayed posting this Matriarchy mix, I love it!

Choose your moment, Matriarchy features soaring vocals from Connie Francis, stomping round the room to Suzie, lip syncing Carly Simon, fading with Mazzy Starr. You go on an epic journey, the mix is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Whether alone or a get together with girlfriends, perfect for an Electra night. Have a listen and dance around. Sorry lads you can join in too.

Love you Lozpot!

I will be asking lots of my friends to make me Spotify playlists to feature on Music Friday. Stay tuned!

Join Club Cazza and don’t miss a moment over on cazzamusicfriday.

And please like and share and big up Laura Kelly! Lozza is a fine purveyor of music, her knowledge is vast and eclectic, as you can hear. She is and always destined for great things, we all love her!

Love love,


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