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Roisin Murphy Take Her Up to Monto and Sing It Back remix

Roisin Murphy's new album Take Her Up To Monto is out today!

Cazza x Take Her Up The Monto!

I popped down to Resident and bought the double heavyweight vinyl, listening now and I love it!

Alexis Petridis review 'still too strange for the bigtime.' Is the point.

Roisin is an inspiration, an artist doing her own thing, writing, recording, directing her image and video's. She has a vision and thank goodness.

Her outfits are bonkers, check out roisinmurphyoffical instagram

I love the image of her at the V&A. Especially the pinched faces of the ladies watching. They don't get Roisin and that's fine, the album won't be for everyone. If you like soaring vocals, electronic beats, weird and wonderful with heart, then it's for you.

roisinmurphyoffical instagram V&A

Take Her Up the Monto is a journey. A great driving album or a brilliant Music Club, the idea to get family and friends together and play a whole album, just listening and maybe comment during, then an analysis at the end. A great way to inspire.

Roisin performed Friday evening at Glastonbury, my step son and nephew raved about her and showed me all the photos, she had blown their minds.

photos Alfie Goffey

The boys, Cousn dj'ed at Love Bullets on the Sunday night, playing a great remix of Sing It Back, one of my all time favourite records. Listen and dance around the kitchen, it is Music Friday!

Join Club Cazza, share and have a great weekend,

Love love,


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