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Sweet Caroline Cazzasize 1

This Music Friday, I’m very excited to release my first ever Cazzasize film, inspired by 20 years working out with exercise dvds, my favourite, Jillian Michaels.

Sweet Caroline Cazzasize 1

Sweet Caroline is my song. Often sung to me as a child whilst surrounded by family. Performed at our wedding by my husband who found this version, the music with exercise moves from an American radio show in the 80’s.

I’ve wanted to make this film for years and it’s finally here! I hope you’ll follow me in the routine or you could just sit, watch and have a laugh.

Cazzasize is inspiring me to look after myself. I did followed my Top 5 quick fixes, 1,2 and 5, for a tone up.

I’ll never look like Lena in the corner. That’s ok, we are all different. I don’t want to be any skinner; one has to think of your face. I would love to be taller; I know the best way to be 6 foot, revealed soon.

The wonders of my Olympus Pen (blurry shots on my iphone and Sony RX100 II) The double soft boxes have knocked years off of me. I’m thinking of having the lights on for all Face Time calls and possibly a bit of vlogging… Who would watch me waffling on?

Exercise is the best way to be happy and healthy why not make it full of love, fun and adventure, imagine filming a Cazzasize in Brazil with some amazing dancers, me and you trying to keep up?

Please follow me and join Club Cazza, there’s lots more to come from

Let's keep fit, young and fun together.

Thank you for reading and following.

Bon vacances!

Love love,


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