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France for Caroline playlist

Cazza LPM 2016

Une petite 5 hour 41 minute playlist for this weeks Music Friday. A belle mix by mon mari, c'est tres bien! Featuring a delight of French songs by Brigitte Bardot, Vanessa Paradis, Edith Piaf, Cerrone, to name a few.

Perfect for the full moon party, great sing alongs, lip sychs, dance routines.

Great for some weekend background music whilst doing jobs or lazing in your garden or by the pool on holiday in France.

Click my pic for the Spotify link . I'm working my French look, not quite Jane Birkin.

Please listen and enjoy. Join Club Cazza for more great playlist and videos, next week Cazzasize 2, morning stretch and my top 5 glamping essentials.

Let me know any favourites on the mix.

Merci pour la lecture ( google translates, c'est correct?)

Love love,


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