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Angelina Jolie

After seeing Angelina Jolie's face on every newspaper cover in the biggest Hollywood story in years, how does she have this crazy life, is she super human, amazing, a marvel, a freak, an alien, a true inspiration?

The woman has lived a hundred lifetimes in her 41 years; a mother of 6 children, married 3 times, acting, directing, ambassador, charity work, spokes person, major health concerns, now politics! She's been hailed Wonder Woman and the Woman of the Year and won countless awards. How on earth does she do it?

I find it hard to write this blog, look after my two year old and run the house and I have two cleaners!! I feel like the most pathetic person on the planet! There are people in hopeless situations and Angelina has met some of them. How can one person rise to stardom and another not? Is it your genes, your up bringing, your horoscope?

Angelina was born into a Hollywood family with a face like an angel. She cites her mother as a huge inspiration, a speech from 2013 she says her mother encouraged her 'I will do the best I can, with this life, to be of use' And she is 'a changeable Gemini with a late Cancer Ascendant', source

Do you know Angelina Jolie? Is she super human? How does her life work? What doe she eat? Is she happy?

Probably not at the moment, divorce is never easy, especially in the glare of the public eye. Be nice to think they are happy and she's moved on and Brad is glad to be free to float off on a cloud. Maybe Angie just thought, 'I've entered my mid life and I want change' I hope they remember that they loved each other once, although parting amicably would be far too boring, there will be fireworks!

Angelina is her own publicist, so I'm sure we'll be kept up to date.

What is next in the amazing life of Angelina Jolie, another husband? Another project, maybe a lesbian affair? The two new ladies in Angie's life look more like mothers than lovers. Her political aspirations... Angelina for President! Can you imagine? The American's have voted actors into the position in the past, but this time it's a punk who wants to shake things up, a humanitarian who cares, would be interesting...

Angelina's life is like an epic film or tv soap? Who wouldn't watch that! Maybe she's the most driven person in the world and maybe she is a bit from outer space? She's trying to make good in the world and that has to be commended. I wish her every luck and love, her new chapter awaits... You Go Girl!

I'm pondering how I can find a bit of greatness, maybe Angelina will inspire me and you. We all have different lives, it's how we chose to use it...

Please let me know your thoughts.

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