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Cazza's Top 5 Charlotte Tilbury dreams

Are you a Charlotte Tilbury fan?

I love her, my make up bag is brimming with her products, Charlotte's so talented, her Instagram so glamourous, she is an inspiration. I started writing my Top 5 CT essentials, then a flow of ideas came... I'm not a beauty writer but I love make up and glamour.

My Top 5 Charlotte Tilbury dreams, will they come true?

Charlotte Tilbury, the number 1 make up artist, launched her make up and skin care line 3 years ago, exploding onto the cosmetic market. Everything is so glamorous; gold packaging, deco styling, pomp and glitz. Charlotte oozes fabulousness. Her life is blessed; grew up in Ibiza with a bohemian family and famous friends, boarding school, then London to become the top make up artist working with the best photographers and models, mother, successful business woman, she is an inspiration.

'Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.'

Charlotte Tilbury

5. My Top 5 Charlotte Tilbury essentials

I cannot live without this compact of pressed powder. Applied with a brush gives a smooth, matt appearance to your face. Wrinkles seem to fade, pores and lines too. It's like magic.

A total glamour push! This highlighter and bronzer combo lifts your face and makes you feel like a million dollars.

A double ended pen with eye cream that melts your lines away and the other a concealer to cover darkness. This a miracle in a stick.

I love this pot of sweet smelling cream, it's soft and calming on the skin, like a dream.

This award winning face mask, feels like a hydrating wonder.

4. Magic Cream SPF 50

Having been blessed pale Irish skin I cannot leave the house without a high factor. I love Magic Cream please make 50SPF.

3. Highlight Away Malar Festoons video

2. Charlie's, Charlotte's private club

Can you imagine you and 11 friends, having your hair and make up done in this beautiful boudoir?

A back stage room to a gorgeous little night club, Charlie's, where you sip cocktails, swig champagne and dance on tables 'til the early morn. An exclusive club, a special treat night where you pay handsomely and have the best time ever!

1. Charlotte's VIP

This is really a dream... I become a Charlotte Tilbury ambassador or 'glambassador' I'm gifted Charlotte Tilbury make up for all my photo's and films, write glowing reports for my readers followers and fans, currently 69...

Thank you Charlotte for bringing such wonders to me, keep up the good work!

Do you have favourite Charlotte Tilbury products? Please share with me and have you joined Club Cazza, treats to be won!

Love love,


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