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Nigma Talib's Reverse The Signs of Ageing

Do you love an anti ageing book? Are you looking for the fountain of youth? Do all your beauty products run out at the same time? Do you get lost in the ocean of products on the market, what should you use? What are the best products? Can products alone help reverse the signs of ageing?

One Saturday back in April, when I was supposed to be resizing my images on I started investigating anti ageing products using my new book Reverse The Signs of Ageing by Dr Nigma Talib.

Dr Talib, ‘is a world renowned naturopathic doctor, esthetician and leading authority on holistic health, her book Reverse The Signs of Ageing is ‘The revolutionary inside out plan to glowing youthful skin.

Nigma is gorgeous and obviously following her own advice, I was keen to read and apply...

Eating Beauty

The book talks about the food we should eat and the four big skin agers ‘gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol’ all the nice stuff. Nigma claims she can look at your face and tell what you have eaten, there are diagrams for each face, I seem to have a mixture of all. Which face are you?

Nigma says a diet of rainbow food is best, I wrote out the foods after munching a bag of sweets, naughty!

The Beauty Prescription

Nigma has a big section on best beauty products, vitamins, advice from Charlotte Tilbury on make up, I wanted to know what products I should be using. I was horrified to see I had been using all the wrong products, facial oils (have dabbled), creamy cleansers (thought would be good for my dry skin), petroleum based products, (love a bit of vaseline) chemical filled products (not applicable) and facial wipes (only for camping)

Reading Nigma’s list I felt lost, here it is at a glance



Apply antioxidants

Apply hyaluronic acid

Apply moisturizer and SPF


Eye make up remover

Cleanse (2-3 times a week use the Clarisonic brush)

Apply antioxidants

Apply hyaluronic acid

Apply retinols

Apply eye cream.

Blimey! That is a lot of product and where does one start to search? I trawled the internet finding the top products for the best prices.

Here are my best anti ageing product findings…


The best cleanser

The much hailed Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish with cloth cleanser, a slight exfoliant and steam, leaving your face super cleansed and refreshed.

Antioxidants and hyaluronic acid

I found PurOrganica Vitamin C Serum on amazon, great reviews, organic and a good price.

Moisturiser with high SPF

Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream SPF 30 There's not many moisturisers out there with a high SPF, this is the best I could find, quite expensive but it does last 4 months and saves on getting two products. The cream is thick and feels lovely on your skin.


Eye Make up remover

Is calming on the delicate eye area and essential if you wear water proof make up.


As above

Anitioxants and hyaluronic acid

As above

Retinols :

The best I could find at a decent price and feels good on your skin

Extra product

A spare of the moment buy, tingles when applied and my face seems plumped on waking.

Eye Cream

I have yet to find the best eye cream for less than £20, does it exist would you let me know please. I've tried No.7, Liz Earle, Clinque...

Do products work alone?

I have used these products for 6 months, here bare faced and I am happy but I am not eating correctly

(see red spots on chin)

So you can spend all the money in the world and if you're eating jam and butter on bread followed by butter, bread, cheese and wine for lunch and more wine for dinner, (my French diet that eeked into September) The products aren’t going to work. They will help but a diet of whole rainbow foods is the only way to go. Nigma gives recipes in her book, I’m not sure it’s for me, Brussel Sprout Salad anyone?

Nigma's Four Rules of Anti Ageing

Maybe following Nigma’s four rules of anti ageing would work; stress less, exercise more, sleep well and think youthful. More excellent advice which I will try and follow and report back.

Reverse The Signs of Ageing is a treasure trove of information, a great source of inspiration, I'd love to meet Nigma, one day. She is an expert, I need help!

Who'd like to join me in a sugar free November?

And what is your favourite anti ageing product?

Thank for reading, do join Club Cazza for more inspiring posts and just in a webinar for lead magnets... Desk chair Cazzasize anyone?

Love love,

Cxxx is totally unsponsored.

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