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Electronic Dancefloor Starter Pack

This Music Friday on the eve of Teddy Day, Electronic Dancefloor Starter Pack 5 hour 6min snipet from Ed Carwright's 80 hr 37 min Spotify list, picked for my The Greatest Cape night.

Here's Ed modelling his Cazza Birthday Cape 2012.

Electronic Dancefloor Starter Pack is a great mix of top dance tunes, right up my street, vocal disco dubby house.

Pop it on, have a dance round the kitchen or living room lights off, disco lights on.

Dancing is the top excerise to keep you fit, the playlist is full of future cazzasize films ( if I ever get round to making them...)

Enjoy my darlings!

Have great weekend and it's Teddy Day tomorrow, drop what you're doing and have some fun!

Happy Teddy Day!

Love love,


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