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Clinging To A Dream

All about dreams!

Silver Apples, 1968 ground breaking album Silver Apples, is kind of early rave, tribal, good for a pagan party, think late hours, post Lewes Bonfire, mix Charlotte Tilbury's Scent of a Dream and your in for an intoxicating time.

Silver Apples are new to me and weirdly they have an album called Clinging To A Dream At the start, I can imagine lying in a flotation tank with surround sound in a mediative state, but then 'Nothing Matters' a moody shouting song and you get out because your cold.

I love Spotify, where you can discover new music, boarded your horizons.

Do you dream about making music? What is stopping you? Follow your dreams and see it happen.

Please join Club Cazza, it would make me so happy, I'd love to inspire you to be the best you.

Have a great weekend!

Love love,


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