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George Michael Wembley 2007

Music Friday has often been a memorial, this time one of my absolute favourites George Michael.

I've complied a little playlist of some of his songs and here's my George Michael memory from 2007 when he was the first artist to perform at the new Wembley Stadium with Guilty Pleasures as the warm up act.

Fresh off the plane from Ibiza where we had just purchased the wonderful (at the time) mirror ball helmets from La Maison de l'Elephant, a shop where the super rich buy ridiculous flamboyant furniture. High on life, our dear friend Kirsti International invited us to dance on stage in our crazy outfits with her then boyfriend, now fiancé Jamie and lots of chums to Sean Rowley and Johnno Burgess playing a Guilty Pleasures set. We had so much fun!! Not at all appreciated by George's fans, who thought we were a bunch of loons! See photo's below, they were not wrong.

Johnno Burgess, an excellent journalist, wrote a very funny piece in The Guardian, link here.

The memory makes me so happy, we were the first performers at the opening of the new Wembley Stadium!!!

George sang a great set, it was a glorious summers day and I will treasure the occasion always.

What is your favourite George Michael memory and did I miss your favourite song from my list?

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I hope I've inspired you to have some fun!! Or at least made you laugh, just look at those outfits!! Enjoy the playlist, George wrote some classic songs and his memory will always live on.

Peace and love love love,


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