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Cazza's Top 5 YouTube Exercise Channels

Do you love exercise but you're tight on time and trapped at home? The best place with millions of exercise routines around 3 and 60 minutes can be found on YouTube, sifting through them is so time consuming and painful if you get the wrong one. I have investigated and found my Top 5 favourite YouTube Channels with great tried and tested videos. Try them, you might like them...



I love Pop Sugar Fitness and the host Anna, she is so enthusiastic and fun, she makes the 20 minutes whizz by. There's so many videos, 30 minute workouts, beginner's workouts, Ab workouts, butt workouts, full body workouts, no equipment cardio workouts and lots of guests who join Anna, fitness experts and Hollywood celebrity trainers. Be warned, some will leave you aching for days.

My current favourite video is a quick 20 minute full body shred with fun moves and a chance to marvel at Christine Bullock and Hollywood body and face.


The beauty of Yoga by Candace is the simplicity of her videos; one wide shot with her soft American voice over leads you through the routines. She produces a video each week and there are tons of different yoga videos on her channel from morning to night time, flexibility, blindfold, power, strength, beginner. You can even message Candace with yoga routine suggestions. The videos come in 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes so you can fit them into your schedule. I love this 15 minute routine after the 20 minute full body shred.


Back to Bullock...Christine Bullock is a fitness & lifestyle expert, creator of Evolution 20, Super Shred and Body Reborn Fitness Series, co-creator of KAYO Better Body Care and just become a mum after adopting gorgeous Remi Rain, check out her instagram for cuteness. She is well toned and working it. Christine's YouTube Channel has Live events, Seasonal recipes, Health and beauty tips, workouts, healthy hacks and Bullock's Body Burn Challenge, here's a quick 10 minutes when you're tight on time.


BeFit has over 2.5 million subscribers they has a vast array of exercise videos, as a fan of Jillian Micheals it's the best place to find her videos ( my dvd's are so worn out from over use) Alas Jillian doesn't have a YouTube channel, you can pay for her app or subscribe to her website. There's a few routines from her dvd's.. here's one I followed the other day using hand weights instead of the kettle bell, I ached the next day, Jillian is a tough task master!


Ha! I'm hardly a fitness expert, beautifully toned and sculpted or a professional power house of consistency and perfection with millions of subscribers. I make Cazzasize films for fun and as an inspiration for you to explore all your creative ideas, no matter how silly. I have a ton of Cazzasize ideas, fun fitness, let's see what happens...

Here's a favourite Cazzasize film, morning stretch.


I hope you find some exercise inspiration.

Move your body, feel great!

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Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment with your favourite youtube exercise channel.

Peace love and happiness,


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