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Festival Essential Checklist

Are you excited about the summer festival season? Me too! There's so much to plan and pack, have you got all your outfits sorted, know exactly what and how you are taking all your things for 3 days in a field? Have no fear, here's a downloadable festival essential checklist with all the items you will need, just tick them off and on you go and have a ton of fun!!

Cazza festival essential checklist


I have been going to festivals for over 20 years and I don't pack light!

BASICS: You'd be surprised many people forget some of these things. I didn't have my ID a few years ago and had to stand in the rain for 2 hours until we remembered my passport scan was on my husbands phone, durr! I always bring 2/3 batteries for my camera, I take loads of photos and never want a gap, just in case I miss an amazing opportunity, you may not be so photo mad.

CAMPING : Yes, the essentials for a pleasant time. I didn't add; table, cushions, rugs, bunting, awning, camp chairs, battery fairy lights, cheese and wine, sheet for blow up bed, these are all added extras and not total essentials.

OUTFITS: For day and night all days, arrival and exit outfits, of course you can go minimal and double up. Do prepare before you go, try everything on in front of a mirror, there aren't many full length mirrors at festivals, unless you go to circus tents and they are all weird and wobbly... My camping mirror is ace, a piece of plastic mirror with curved corners, an essential! Go for extra pants and socks just in case. Knee high to wear with wellies and boots. My morning wear is leggings and a sweatshirt, go for your preferred option. Good walking boots or shoes are essential, maybe pack some blister plasters, they didn't make the print out. Sandals, it will be sunny! And flip flops or slides for trips to the showers and padding round your tent/camp.

WATERPROOF: We live in the UK, the chance of rain at a festival is high, so be prepared and pack your wellies. I'm not packing a proper waterproof for Glastonbury. There will be a little shower for an amazing rainbow. I have bought a rainbow compact umbrella from Beyond Retro, Brighton. Alas I didn't manage to make the Cazza yellow smiley umbrella's this year, watch my instagram next week for a very special announcement!

SUN: Yes it will be sunny!! Follow me and join me on my sun dance, it works 80% of the time. Bring your shades, not your best ones, they may/will get lost, so many pairs missing in action. Suncream. Sun hat, see folding sunhats from last summer, may inspire...

HANGOVER: They will happen, at some stage, be ready. Anadin Extra is my go to and Dioralyte is a great re hydrator, when you are feeling pickled and drink lots of water. Bring a bottle or cup, there are loads of drinking water taps everywhere.

BEAUTY: Pack all your usual make up and toilettes in travel sizes. Bring glitter, gems, face paint, if you like that sort of thing, does not look good on wrinkled faces, I will be avoiding! Facial wipes aren't ideal, but in a field, essential. Baby wipes, tent bathing. Dry shampoo, small bottle, dito, hair spray. Feminine products, just in case and lip balm, bring two you might lose one. I lost mine and couldn't buy a new one at Bestival 2008 and my lips where chapped and bleeding by the end. Not pretty!

BAGS: My personal preference is a collection of bags for different things. This got out of hand last year and was carrying 5 bags! Parring down this year, with my essential bag, for all your essential bits; purse, phone, lip balm, lippy. A bigger bag for compact umbrella, plastic poncho, fans, cup, note book, water colours... Whatever you need. A tote bag for stuff and your travel rucksack/suitcase.


Sorry this post is light on pix, having technical issues today, I could of photographed my wellies and new facial wipes with my rainbow umbrella...

Still sorting my outfits and the Summer 2017 fans haven't arrived yet, who wants one? First 10 to say YES, PLEASE! WINS!

Excited!!! And still 10 more sleeps until Glastonbury 2017!

Sending lots of love love love,


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