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Top 5 Self Love in 60 minutes

Cazza’s Top 5 Self Love

This week has been all hearts and flowers, why is love only celebrated on one day?

Let’s show love everyday for ourselves, family, friends, planet, world, universe.

One must love yourself first.

Self love is so important, do things you love, relax, destress, chill. Cortisol, a hormone that regulates a wide range of processes thought the body including metabolism and the immune response in the body builds up and makes you ill when stressed, leading to problems in menopause, inflammation and fatigue. It’s so easy to get lost in looking after others, busy working or chores, social media, internet homes, box sets.

Self love is taking time for yourself, Me Time, You Time, finding 15 minutes or an hour or more to relax and enjoy you.

Twice a week, after my 10k training I have Caz Time. An hour to care for myself, time to relax and nurture me.

Here are my top 5 self love in 60 minutes

10 minutes


Take a bath with relaxing salts or have a long shower, body brush before to clear the lymph glands, then get really clean, wash your hair, de fuzz, foam yourself up, have a sing!

20 minutes

2. Moisturise and massage.

Start with your face, pat on your eye cream and the rest of your products, I’m using very basic moisturiser due to my sensitive skin

Massage your face with your fingers or a tool, I have a vibrating gold T, using sweeping upward movements, combined with facial exercises.

If you’d like a video of my routine email here.

(new vigour today when talking to a mum at nursery about Chinese new year, what year are you? She said ‘ Tiger 1986’ I said ‘I’m a Tiger too 1974’ she said ‘NO! I don’t believe it!’ Maybe she was a good actress, it was early and no make up! Take the compliments, don’t be shy!)

With your favourite body moisturiser, I’m using Arnica Oil to ease muscular aches and pains. Starting from your feet, work your way up your legs with sweeping movements, massage your hips and bum in circular motions. Sweep up your torso, up your arms, always upwards, the only way is up! Massage your shoulders and roll them back. (You may feel like massaging other areas, this is self love, whatever turns you on… ;-)

Cazza Space Masks

10 minutes

3. Meditation.

Love my space masks, thank you Emma, Paul and Clare. The space mask relieves tension in the eyes and reduce puffiness. They warm up quickly and are soothing perfect to combine with mediation. Download the insight timer app, free guided and timed with calming sounds. Lie down and relax, clear your mind, breathe in and out deeply. Thoughts will pop in your head, recognise them and back to the breathe.

15 minutes

4. Journal

Write your Top 5 gratitudes for the day, this will make you instantly happy, appreciating what you have and sends positive vibes to the world.

Write out a dream, a wish, want, need with all the details; what it is? when do you want it? Really visualise your dream, desire, hope. This helps focus on what you want and makes dreams come true.

5 minutes

5. Tapping

Not tap dancing, although I do love tap dancing, it is a joy! Tapping is a technique to release negative energy and relish in your self. Tap with Brad on YouTube trained at Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College and an actor, now a coach and tapping expert. This is new to me and I promise you will laugh and enjoy! Repeat after Brad…

Thank you for reading my Top 5 self love, what do you do to totally chill? Comment below or let me know if that’s not available?

I love Radiohead, recently heard Charlie Brooker's desert island discs he listens to the 2016 album A Moon Shaped Pool to go to sleep.

A great album to lie down and chill to, enjoy!

Please comment on your chill albums, I need inspiration.

Thank you so much for visiting, please explore more posts and get in touch, I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Have a great day, whatever you do.

Love love love,


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