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Top 5 daily rainbow vegetables

Save the NHS, keep yourself healthy! With Cazza’s Top 5 daily rainbow vegetables printable chart.

Top 5 daily rainbow vegetables

Do you have dream, to save the NHS?

I marched last year to help the NHS, the UK’s beloved National Health Service on it’s knees from major cuts and lack of investment.

The government didn't listen.

Why is the NHS on it's knees? It is over worked from a sick country.

I have the answer!

Keep yourself healthy. You’ll never visit your GP, never have any chronic illness, no need for prescriptions or dashes to A&E.

This is not some religious cult, you are looking after yourself. Following the current advice to have a happy healthy life.

I’ve been listening to Dr Chattergee, he inspired this post. His 4 Pillar Plan is fascinating, full of top tips on a how to live your healthiest life. He is a GP and prescribes sleep, ‘movement’, relaxing and eating well to his patients with amazing results. His book is a handy guide for health, happiness and longevity.

There’s a whole section on FOOD. Dr C says everyone is different, our genetic make up may allow us to eat dairy or gluten or tomatoes, some of us not. The advice is to eat real food, nothing processed, even more than 3 ingredients. This is hardcore. I’m not sure I can handle some of his advice.

He does speak of eating 5 different rainbow vegetables everyday. Fruit has too much sugar and sugar is a sin (A sinner; free liberty to be naughty as you will and always be forgiven.) So the odd hiccup when coming off sugar is ok and the vegan pioneer gingerbread was a surprise afternoon tea hit!

Seriously, sugar is bad! Top 5 tips to stop your sugar addiction coming soon.

I love rainbows and Dr C’s idea to eat 5 portions of different coloured vegetables a day, is difficult to compute. To help you and me here is my Top 5 daily rainbow vegetables printable chart.

Choose 1 vegetable from each colour per day and see how your health improves.

Print the chart, pop it on your fridge to remind yourself when planning your weekly shop.

This is easy.

Breakfast - smoothie of blueberries and spinach with almond milk, banana, flax seed, chai seed and cacao powder.

Lunch - sprinkle sweetcorn into your wrap with beetroot houmous.

Snack - carrot with beetroot houmous ( Gem’s Top 5 wholesome food recipes coming soon. )

Dinner - soup, stew, dahl, pasta sauce.

When we are healthy, we are happy.

Look after yourself! And Save the NHS!

Thank you for reading, please leave me a comment.

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Have a wonderful day.

Love love love,


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