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The Cazza Christmas Conga

Cazza Christmas Conga

My charity christmas single, the Cazza Christmas Conga is out next week!

I wrote the song last year when my mother was dying from her dementia, to remember her as the fun, loving, kind lady she was.

Mum loved Christmas, parties and congas.

The song is a catchy christmas song with a dance routine. The classic conga 1, 2, 3, kick.

It's a fun idea, can I go from mum to Christmas Number One, making a big song and dance about Dementia? The UK's biggest killer, is prevention the cure?


Taking the government advice Top 5 ways to well being.

CONNECT - The classic conga action is hands on waist or shoulder of the person in front, connecting in a chain. Meeting lots of people who love the idea and a total pleasure.

BE ACTIVE - 1,2,3, KICK! The Christmas Conga has 240 steps, counting towards your 10,000 daily recommended steps. Listen to the song 42 times and you would reach your daily goal!

TAKE NOTICE - signals from life, this is gonna happen! You have to believe in a dream to make it come true. Be aware.

KEEP LEARNING - it took me 2 weeks to learn the words to the Cazza Christmas Conga and the dance routine, 1,2,3 KICK seems easy, but repetitively and singing one can lose the gist. Practise practise practise.

GIVE - I'm happy to give my time and ideas to this crazy dream. To help find the cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia, the heartbreaking disease.



It’s the 1st anniversary of mum’s death this week. I took a photo of her on her death bed. I thought about posting it, but it is so shocking, I don’t want to hurt your eyes.

Ann Ford was a lovely lady. Anyone who knew her loved her.

Ann Ford


I’ve never recorded a song before or sung in a recording studio, luckily I’ve had talented friends and family to help me.

I love music and movement. It’s good for you!

I hope you love the Cazza Christmas Conga. It’s out Thursday 15th November, can I go from mum to Christmas Number One! With your help YES!

Go to for more information.

Be part of the sensation!


Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper has her Christmas Conga. Love her!

And as it is Music Friday here’s my Top 5 Cyndi Lauper songs.

1.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

2.Time After Time

3.True Colours

4.I Drove All Night

5.Christmas Conga!


Join the Cazza Christmas Conga! Let’s have lot’s of fun!

Love love love,


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