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Top 5 ways to Learn French Quickly?

Parle Vous Francais?

Moi: un petite peu. I failed my French GCSE, much to my parents dismay, I am a quarter French.

I have always found learning a language hard, was it my mindset? I used say, 'I'm rubbish, I'll never speak French!' This is the wrong way to think about learning anything. Now I think 'I will learn, je dois apprend!' And the best way to learn is to practise, something. I've never been good at, I have turned over une nouvelle feuille. Thank you Dr Dweck.

What are my Top 5 2016 learning techniques?


This is my favourite app, you can learn any language for FREE. It's very basic, you get reminders and you set daily goals. I'm currently on serious, which takes about 10 minutes and they tell me I'm 30% fluent.

The app is really easy to navigate with different subjects in lesson blocks. The graphics are simple and clear. I highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to learn any language. Factor it into your daily routine to achieve your goals.


Ted Talks - great for inspiration.

I came across Sid Efromovich's TedTalk a while back, he has 5 brilliant points.

1. Make mistakes

I have a problem with shyness and would rather not speak then have the embarrassment of getting something wrong. This is a problem which I am getting over. The only way to learn is to make mistakes.

2.Scrap the Foreign Alphabet

Don't try to speak a foreign language in your own voice, letters make different sounds in all languages. Do you have a French accent when talking? I'm working on mine.

3. Find a Stickler

4. Shower Conversations

Whilst I do like a chat with myself, I find I have too many gaps in my knowledge to get passed Bonjour and ca va. So I have a new method. I have written down conversations I may have and have translated and am learning that. I'll report back to see if my plan has worked and if I can converse this summer with my French neighbours?

5. Buddy Formula

Speak French to a friend. I do have several friends with degrees in French. We always fail to speak it as we're too busy catching up in English. I did try and befriend a French mum I met at a playgroup but she just spoke English non stop so it didn't work out. Peut etre, I should of asked her to parler de moi en français?

Another interesting Ted Talk from Benny Lewis

His theory is to just speak in the language you'd like to learn. Don't worry about making mistakes, it's better to try. You will learn as you go and people will help you, rather than mock you.

I'm going to try this out this summer and say 'Voulez vous parler français avec moi, s'il vous plait, je dois ameliorer' Or maybe find a conversation group?


'A gifted linguist who has helped millions of people learn through his method', where you listen and repeat. Doris Day learnt Spanish with him to sing Que Sera Sera with confidence. We play the tapes in the car and it's great to know over 15,000 words are the same in English with an accent. Not all words and not lettuce in a French accent, which made Stephanie laugh. Lettuce is laitue ou salade.


A book I found, has simple phases and pronunciations. I dip in now and then.


An untried method, apparently the best way to learn a new language is with a lover... Mon mari est la seul pour moi.


The key to learning a language is daily practise

It's the only way to master anything! There are no short cuts. Sorry, good old fashioned practise makes perfect.

I now have a timetable of daily goals, Duolingo and writing out my verbs to memorise is at the top of the list. Stephanie recommends 20 minutes a day.

Learning is great to exercise the brain to keep it active and healthy, another great reason to make learning daily occurrence.

Do you want to learn a new language? Open the doors to new adventures? Maybe join a conversation group?I'm trying to find one. I hope I have inspired you. Please leave me any comments with more ways to learn quickly.

Now back to my verbs, this notebook is helping. Merci mon mari, tu as awesome aussi.

Merci pour la lecture.

Love love,


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