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Top 5 notebooks

Do you love notebooks?

September always feels like back to school, buying new pencils and case, notebooks, bag.

Do you love stationary? I do, forever happy pottering around looking at the wares. I am a notebook addict, properly using them in 2007 when my positive thought epiphany also meant I needed to organise my life. I needed to order my thoughts, ideas, projects. Tons of lists and more recently journalling and writing. I love holding a pen or pencil writing and drawing, something a bit more physical then typing in your phone notes, I love notes too.

So I thought I'd share my Top 5 current notebooks, to inspire you.

1. Clairefontaine black A5 bound square Agebag notebook

I can't find a link for the actual notebook, I bought it here

I keep a daily notebook for things to do, ideas and lists, I have done so on and off for years. Recently discovering the Bullet Journal method, organising me even more. Having a list makes my do things and not let things slide and forgotten about. This neat notebook last ages, my last one for a years. Do you write daily lists on bits of paper, then to loose them? Having a notebook to jot everything down and then the ticks of things achieved, it's satisfying and makes me happy. Maybe give it a go and see how many ticks you get.

2. Moleskine yellow hardcover bound A5 plain notebook

Again I can't find a link for the actual notebook, I bought it here

When I discovered I was pregnant in 2013, I bought this sunny notebook to write to my baby, how I was feeling, their progress, pregnancy, birth, baby, toddler. I update it now and then and after big occasions, recently her 2nd birthday and a return from a month camping in France with a terrible two. I want to be as honest as possible and I might give it to her one day. I want it to be a book about love and a record of her early life, from my perspective. Would you like to read your mother's thoughts? It might be interesting to read her side of the story, why doesn't anyone tell you how hard it can be? I can see a new blog brewing...

3. 'ALWAYS ON MY MIND' Blue cloth hardcover bound plain notebook

A present from my dear husband in 2006, sorry I don't know the stockist.

I write in this book on occasion, usually after a big event and I pour my heart out, how I was feeling at the time, mad ramblings and rantings, it's quite an embarrassing read, but I have to embrace the past and it's funny to read. Not for anyone else, just for me. I suppose I write so much now as I don't want to forget anything, have a record of everything, photos and thoughts, that's how this blog started. Not sure it really matters what I think?

4. 'Wonder Woman' A5 hardcover bound lined notebook

I love this notebook, another present from husband, he buys me a lot of notebooks, I don't know the stockist.

Alas not dated but I probably started this book in 2010 when I was making capes and had lots of cape film ideas. There are over 30 film ideas with song choice, direction, design of cape. I love the ideas and have a vision or very rough idea. I would love a hot directors to take my ideas and make them happen. I have made a few cape films, they look very amateur. I would really need help on these ideas, so I will keep this book and hope someone might read this and think, I'd love to see a cool cape film with hot girls dancing and skating."Capes on Skates" has many film ideas, the first is shockingly bad, filmed at Burning Man 2010, where no one wanted to do it and my husband dislocated his elbow. I have left it on my Channel Cazza cape films just to, hopefully, see the progression as the films get better, if they ever happen? Would you like to see Daisy Lowe in cool halloween film in a black leather cape and pink shoes? It is a dream, maybe one day...

5. Ohh Deer Black and White zig zag A6 stapled plain notebook

My first 2016 notebook. Every time I have a relaunch of I have a new notebook, this year I have two. I like this little book to jot down ideas for posts. Originally I was posting 3 times a week on all subjects, including book of the month, shop of the month, notebook of the month. I still working out whether this is a good idea and am I wasting my time when my 3 hours in the afternoon could be spent better elsewhere? I don't really have time to devote too much time, I have a child and a household to look after. Let's see what happens...

It would be great to know your thoughts, are you inspired or just too many words to read and I'm rambling again? Let me know how I can be more engaging, I need help.

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Love love,


I write about journalling next wek on Cazza Investigates Bullet Journal v Self Journal two new methods I've recently discovered

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