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Top 5 natural cures for a cold

Do you have the first sniffle of a cold? Want to find tried and tested ways to natural beat a hideous cold? Lovely friends have recommended their top tips to naturally cure a cold.


Here are the Top 5 natural cures for a cold.

1. Rest is best

My top tip, stay in bed and sleep. Not always easy during festive times and looking after children, get help and rest rest rest.

2. Echinacea

Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapies recommended 15 drop of echinacea tincture 3 times a day at the first sniff of a cold. I started taking it in week 2 and has helped ease the symptoms.

3. Hot lemon, ginger, propolis and lime honey every few hours

Lovely singer Laura Hazeldean recommended hot water, half a squeezed lemon, cut up ginger. Sophie Abbott recommended the Green Valleys honey guy, Dr Chris in the Open Market Brighton for his Propolis, 'produced from the sticky resin of flowers collected by bees. Propolis has antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral and anti inflammatory effects. It also helps cell regeneration and therefore wound healing.' Use Propolis in all your drinks around 20-30 drops. Lime honey is apparently more antibacterial. The drink tastes soothing and nourishing.

4. Watercress soup

Top tip from lovely Laura Kelly

'This is a delicious soup & so easy & quick to make. Watercress is packed with vitamin C and grown in abundance in the UK. When I’m feeling run down I have it twice a day and I’m convinced it keeps nasty stuff at bay. You could stick in a cooked onion if you can be bothered to make to it more hearty but I think the peas act well enough as a base and give it a creamy consistency.

Ingredients: Half a small bag of Petit Pois, 2 bags of watercress, 3 cloves of garlic, Half a stock cube, Pepper and salt, Creme fraiche (optional)

Method: Use a large frying pan or I like to use a wok and chuck in peas and about a pint and half of water. Add in 3 cloves of garlic and bring to boil Lower to a steady heat and sprinkle in stock cube. Add plenty of salt and pepper Add two bags of watercress and stir. Leave on a low heat for about 5/10 minutes. Until the WC has cooked down and softened. Pop in a blender and wiz up. Should be a good consistency but add a dash more hot water or pop back in the pan and cook down if you want it thinner/thicker To serve stir in a dollop of creme fresh if you desire and another load of seasoning on top.

This delightful green soup feels warming and peppery.

5. A clove of garlic raw!

Yes a raw clove of garlic day and night. Top Tip by wonderful Emma Reynolds, as a cold begins, cut the raw garlic into pill sizes about 6-8 and pop pop pop with water, don't let the garlic touch the sides, no taste not even burps! Here's a link to garlic and colds.


I have tried all these methods and I still have a cold. It's not as bad, reports say this hideous cold last 2-3 weeks I've even heard of it lasting 2 months!! I have to be better by February, my birthday month!

I'm off to bed!!

Take care of yourself, this is a future reference for next time we feel a cold coming on, follow this advice and I hope your symptoms pass quickly.

Join Club Cazza for more top tips and more, share with anyone starting a cold and please look after yourself.

Peace, love and happiness,


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