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Cazza Investigates: MOOP

MOOP a Burning Man principle

Matter Out Of Place.

Makes for a neat and tidy festival, any MOOP is picked up and put in it's rightful place. Can one apply the MOOP method to your home? Do you have piles MOOP with nowhere to go? You are not alone. MOOP collects in our house, I'm on a mission to organise!

There are times of the year when a good sort out is called for; January, spring, post summer, pre winter. Whenever the sorting bug hits, go for it, one has to be in the right mood. I read and applied The Life Changing Magic of Tiding last year, post here and had a beautiful arranged craft cupboard, how did it get like this!

How did the craft cupboard get so messy? Laziness, just chuck it in and close the door.

Not great organising, so after a mere 30 minutes, it looks like this again.

The MOOP is easierly sorted as there is a place for everything; a draw for glue, scissors, pens, craft, ribbons, balloons, candles etc.

Marie Kondo would say there is too much stuff, but it will bring joy one day and there's room to store it. The boxes and draws from The Really Useful Company are amazing.

Now the loft is another story and there is so much MOOP! Right up to the ceiling!!

Most of this picture will be rehomed to new loving owners. My clothes were sorted in January 2016, asking each piece, 'Do you spark joy? A third went to charity, kept a third and a third is being released to the universe. I've tried various ways to sell. I have a new plan,

Cazza Collections is coming soon...

Follow me on Instagram to see the latest Cazza Collections; dresses, bags, capes, shoes, boots.

Have you a cupboard, room or whole house full of MOOP? Gather all your items into groups; books, pens, jackets, shoes etc and ask each piece

'Do you spark joy?' Then find a storage solution for everything, find a home for all your possessions. It makes life so much easier to be able to find everything and a cupboard, room, house full of things that make you happy. It is a big task, but you'll feel amazing after! I promise.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have been inspired to organise your MOOP!

Peace, love and happiness,


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