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Mid Life Review

Have you reached your middle ages and put yourself through a MLR, Mid Life Review?

Have you ever delved inside yourself, had a massive word, meditated into your history finding issues to 'clear and transmute from all time, dimension and reality' become 'self aware', checked in with your 'emotional intelligence', worked out your 'mindset', 'found your passion', reviewed your 'childhood dreams'? Is it possible to spark joy in all your life, to have a happy healthy wealthy life full of love fun and adventure?

I turned 43 on Monday.

According to my Indian guru guy, I'm mid way through my life, he predicted I would die at 86. Why believe a stranger and decide his predictions would all work out? Well he did know my mum's name and husbands both spelt weirdly, my date of birth, I'd have 1 baby and I would be famous but not rich. Will I live until 2060? Still waiting for the fame thing and we'll have to wait and see about the dead thing...

Mid Life, how does it manifest in people; dye their hair pink, buy a sports car, leave their husband, run up mountains, start a singing career, write a blog and make exercise films? And why not! It's a great time to soul search, reflect on the past to make your future bigger, brighter, better! You only have one life.

Is happiness all down to mindset and your life outcome down to your own thoughts?

January has been foggy; hideous cold lasting 5 weeks, then nursery germs bringing another cold, not so hideous. Spent lots of time in bed, it's freezing in our house, finding comfort in honey on toast, bags of crisps and mountains of biscuits. I have put on half a stone, I'm on my upper weight limit and the negative thoughts have returned. 'You're no good, you're blog is naf, no one visits your site, you're a crap mum, rubbish wife, self obsessed, boring with nothing interesting to say.'

I blame the cold. I'm on the mend. If you follow the principle of thoughts bring things, it's no wonder January was down.

Onwards and upwards!

The MLR is to find your problems holding you back from your dreams and get over them. Reading self help books, meditation, the vast array of online courses to build confidence, manage motivation, find your true passion can all be quite confusing.

It's all well and good to #dreamBIG and #makenosmallplans to get your vision but how do you put these ideas into action? What one needs is the outline plan of achievable goals to reach the ultimate dream. The journey has to be fun too and it's hard alone. One really needs an advisor, mentor, coach to help. I've got one, Richard Branson and Bill Gates have a coach, it's all the rage. Thinking with wealth of knowledge from all my investigations, growing and learning from books and courses, maybe I can become a coach, will I make the course in Santa Barbara this spring?? Is this a good idea?

We all need help and I want to help.

By writing sharing my top tips, advice, experiences, ideas and visions gathered from my life and investigations, I'm on a journey, reporting back to you. Do I help you and inspire? How can I help more? What posts do you like the best? I'd love to hear your thoughts, tell me one of your dreams ( sorry, winning the National Lottery is not applicable) Would you like me to take your on a MLR?

Thank you for reading and if you'd like to follow my journey please join Club Cazza to be updated on all my latest posts, discounts to Cazza Collections and the chance to win an amazing classic CAZZA fan!!

Love love love,


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