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The China Study, eat a whole food plant based diet

Another week in the life of Cazza; news of LPM, a new life diet and top tips for running with ease...

We returned to LPM at the weekend, our French renovation project. Riddled with issues due to the pouring rain, wind and heavy storms the region has seen this winter. Look at the beautiful wooden floor! Ruined by leaks and humidity, plan B for the salon floor; concrete and tiles.

LPM buckled wooden floor

The path to a dream always has curves

GG loves rain and puddles!

My new hat isn't pretty, it is super warm, especially with my Patagonia quilted jacket.

I stayed in bed all Saturday morning with a cold, rest is best ( see Top 5 natural cures for a cold ) and read The China Study by Dr Campbell, a giant in the field of nutrition. I packed the book after Gems Wholesome Food mentioned she was taking the nutrition course. I’m loving her whole food plant based recipes, see the last few weeks in Eat Well.

The book has been on the shelf for years un touched. I wasn’t ready to give up crisps, cakes, baguette, cheese, jam, butter. My basic diet in France with of course du vin.

I’m again plagued with a running nose, my skin looks like I should go to an emergency doctor. I look a sight. I’m having a no make up January in the vain hope this will cure my perineal dermatitis, a skin rash that effects your face, mine is on my chin, a hormonal area. I’ve been checked, I am fine, there’s another cause… sugar.


Dr Campbell has been studying nutrition for over 40 years and is appalled by the state of health in America. He studied the diet of average American and people in rural China and the difference in health is tremendous. He looked at the chronic diseases; cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s. The cases in rural China are considerably lower. Their diet has three times more fibre than Americans and a rainbow of vegetables eating a mostly plant diet.

He writes about antioxidants in Vitamin E and C, all found in plant food and Folic Acid found in leafy green vegetables to help your brain and by looking after yourself now will improve your old age.

Dr Campbell has 12 principles. #2 made me feel silly. 'Vitamin supplements are not a panacea for good health.' Look at my current collection…

I’ve cut down.

‘Principle #4 Genes do not determine disease on their own. Genes function only by being activated, or expressed, and nutrition plays a critical role in determining which genes, good or bad, are expressed.’

This is good news, even if you had a 50/50 chance of getting early on set Alzheimer’s, due to a rare genetic form of the disease, like Sophie Leggett who lost her mum and aunt recently to this horrid disease. Sophie has decided not to have a genetic test and get on and enjoy life and in doing so she is raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Sophie is an inspiration.


The choices we make now will change our destiny…


The time has come for a whole food plant based diet for life. Is this possible?

There's a list of foods recommended. I printed it out and popped on the fridge to remind me what to eat.

And a couple of supplements, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, if you’re not blessed with daily sunshine.

This diet of goodness with added exercise has scientifically found ‘to be consistent with the greatest health and the lowest incidence of heart disease, cancer, obesity and many other Western diseases.’

Dr Campbell is well into his seventies and has eaten a whole food plant based diet for 40 years, runs every day, works, has four children, grandkids and is fighting fit while he sees his friends become ill and die.


eat a whole food plant based diet



Forks over knives is a great website with tons of recipes and information making this diet a way of life.

One of the contributors Micaela Cook Carlsen, wrote a book ‘a plant based life’ your complete guide to great food, radiant health, boundless energy and a better body.’

The book talks you through leading a life of whole foods and plants with motivation, planning meals and lots of recipes for breakfast, snacks, appetizers, soups, salads and sides, sauces, spreads, dressings, quick bits, main meals, treats including a two layer vanilla vanilla birthday cake! February is fast approaching, my birthday month.

I started with breakfast and made the ‘breakfast and beyond smoothie’ with flax seeds, carrot, kale, frozen fruit, a banana, rolled oats and dates to sweeten and it was delicious, not a hint of kale, sweet and thick with a bit of chew from the rolled oats.



Ever heard of Chi Running? Top tips to ‘Learn the art of efficient running and walking’

The key elements postural alignment and relaxation, balance, breathing technique, mind body connection, improved performance through relaxation and speed with ease.

All things to do and think about when training for the 10 k.

So happy lots of lovelies are joining my on the Sunday 15th April, sign up HERE


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