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Stress Busting, the simple solution...

Stress Busters

Stress causes all sorts of problems, shortens life, terrible for your skin, depressing, negative vibes.

Are you stressed out? What are your triggers? How do you calm yourself? Why am I writing about stress in love month?

Cazza Investigates for love

I asked my husband, if I could investigate anything for him this anniversary month and he said

We live opposite a taxi office and regularly taxis parked outside our door, on the pavement. Annoying. This causes my husband upmost stress on top of lots of other stresses, commuting on Southern Trains, huge workload, annoying wife who is always on the computer, etc.

The possible solution to taxi's parking on pavement.

There are some options;

- A sign; 'please don't park on pavement outside door'

I think this idea is moany, I don't like signs on railings.

- Two bollards either side of the door so the can't park outside the door.

This idea just crying out for drunks to perch outside and talk really loudly late at night, or maybe leap frog, the bollards would be quite close together and quite difficult...

Might be quite funny to have two bollards outside the house.

I'm awaiting a reply from let's see what happens.

- Don't let it get to you.

A flippant comment as it's not so easy to stay cool when something pushes your buttons.

My stress points and possible solutions

We all have stress points, mine are a terrible two toddler.

Mantra, it's just a phase and just look at how cute.


Dog poo on the pavement.

No pic and not a nice subject to bring up on the pages of

This drives me mad, especially when you accidentally push the buggie over some and it gets stuck in the wheel!

I have a solution; orange spray paint, that washes off over time to circle the mess to warn others of it's existence and even spray an offending owner if caught (that is a bit extreme... )

Would I get arrested if I started spraying dog poo on the streets of Brighton with this eco friendly orange chalk spray paint?

Not sure this idea is really for me...

We all need to calm down.

The solution is simply deep breathes.

-Even a count to ten can work.

-Tyson Lerner has written an interested piece on the art of deep breathing. Getting on all fours and breathing into your diaphragm as well as other tips about lungs and grieve.

- Deep breathing can be incorporated into yoga, mediation, walking, listening to music, dancing.

How do you relax?

Please comment below and join Club Cazza facebook group to discuss further.

I'm posting a link to a de stressing avocado smoothie, it's delicious.

Thank you for reading.

Love love,


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