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Cazza Journal: Plan A, B & C, Sleep, LPM

Sleep month continues on Today’s scheduled post

Gloria’s Bedtime Routine; my Top 5 favourite children’s books and the bedtime song routine full length.

GG would sleep for 12 hours every night, maybe it was my dulcet tones dropped her off to a deep sleep, nowadays she’s up later than me and she’s only 3!

Those stories and songs are something I’ll never want to forget, I love reading out loud and singing, I would love to record for the memory box. Husband even showed me how to set up the anagram microphone through another machine to usb into the computer. I had a whole afternoon planned, I’d sit in the craft cupboard and record, the sound would be much less echoey. I had everything planned and scheduled. Alas a busy week of birthday cape making and family gatherings left me with no time. Even my Plan B to buy a headphone mircophone and record everything here, alas the delivery failed to arrive in time. Instead Plan C, a new journal style to, I’m typing whilst swinging on a tree. It’s so peaceful here, a distant rumble of a tractor, birds gently tweeting all around.

We’re at LPM for a couple of weeks, there’s a long list of jobs and after all the sweeping, wheelbarrowing and trimming...

I’ve been going to bed at 8pm GMT and getting 10 hour sleeps! Fresh air is good for you! And the 4,7,8 breathe is working a treat. How have you been sleeping this week?

Lots of peps on holiday and parties, looks a ton of fun. Hope you’ve had a lovely week and have great weekend plans. Don’t worry if your plan A doesn’t workout, there’s always Plan B, C through to Z and forever of possibilities. Find what you love to do and do it more! I love sleep!

The Sleep Playlist today, as Music Friday continues.

Working out my Cazzasize Sleep...

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Sweet dreams! A bientot and toujours love love love, Cxxx

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