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Cazza's Top 5 Career Dreams

I want money, that’s what I want! Money Month continues… money is good, money is great!

I would love to careers advise CAZZA CAREERS, be a bit like dragons den with young people and their dreams and make them happen. How about myself, can I find a career for me, one where all my dreams come true?

Cazza top 5 career dreams

I have a dream...

What is your dream job? What would make you wealthy and happy? Loads of kids want to be the Prime Minister, did you know, whatever you loved aged 7-11 is your dream career. Any budding PM’s out there? I know at least three. What if you believed it was possible, been through my Dreams Come True program CAZZA COACHING, where I help you make your dreams come true. I have my DREAMS system, can I make my dreams come true to inspire you?

Are you happy?

Today I made myself and my house happy by entering the messiest room and having a good sort out CAZZA CLEARING. I cleared my stepson’s room, he moved out today I’ve been itching to get in there for weeks, this hung on his door all summer. ( pic of his note)

The new guest/ au pair room is lovely. ( pic soon)

CAZZA CLEARING will come to your house with lunch and help you clear your space and mind, helping you to see your dreams more clearly. I know the power of clearing your stuff to find your true purpose in life. Marie Kondo helped me, post here.

I’m going back in the loft to clear my clothes, again. There’s so much stuff still in laundry bags ( pic of loft) I need more space, it has to go.

CC Cazza Collections will be coming soon.

I dream of designing a CC Cazza Collection of simple cool clothes for women like me, middle aged wanting to look elegant.

Clean lines, simple shapes, capsule wardrobe.

CAZZA COLLABS is #BIGdreams, working with brands I love; Charlotte Tilbury, British Airways, Victorinox, Smirnoff, Canon, Roam Studios, Moleskin, to name a few… I have tons of ideas, my number one strength, post here.

There’s a lot of Cazza’s; Cazza this and Cazza that, you have to be known for any of these brands to even look at you… I need to be known.

And how can I do that?

Cazzasize is fun, love Cazza Covers and Cazpod and Cazza Camera, Cazza Coaching, Cazza Clearing, Cazza Collections, Cazza Collabs,

I need a little help from my friends, thank you so much for your time, love and support.

Cazza continues, don’t stop me now! Nothing’s gonna stop us now, don’t give up, come into my life, love is all you need.

It is Music Friday, little playlist Cazza Careers.

Let me know your thoughts, what cazza career would you like in your life? I love them all, is it all possible?

Join Cazza Fan Club, win a fan and get all my updates, can I make my dreams come true to inspire you?

Have a great weekend, whatever you do.

Love love love,


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