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Vision Boards, do they work?

Today I investigate vision boards. Do you want an amazing 2018? Read on to find out, do vision boards work?


A vision board is a powerful visual reminder of your hopes, wishes and dreams for the following year. January is the perfect time to start afresh and think about your future. Keeps everything in your mind of what you want to be, do or have in your life.

Think of everything you want, maybe you’d love a new house, a car, a fabulous holiday, perfect partner, inner peace, happiness.

My vision board 2017 is taped to the back of the craft cupboard door that opens out into the love room/the family room where I sit at my computer.

Did it work?

CAZZA vision board 2017

Here’s the evidence…

Centre. LIFE FULL OF LOVE I felt so much love in 2017 from everyone especially my husband and GG. I am lucky surrounded by lovely family, friends, fans...

LOVE & NUTURE important to remember and show when you can.

Above. A self portrait waving into my dressing table mirrors, with AN INSPIRATION written above. A bit big headed to consider myself as an inspiration, I hope I do inspire happiness…

CAZZA.COM with lots of text

cazza collections - only lasted a couple of days…

cazza charity - YES! I made some cakes and arranged a couple of walks and The Twelve Days of Christmas Jumpers!

cazza coaching - I investigated life coaching a lot in 2017; attended courses, watched webinars, signed up to every life coach website, bought books and the domain. I love coaching, it’s so much fun. I have much more to learn, I’m still investigating…

cazza fans - YES! I love the summer 2017 peace love and happiness fans. I had so much fun and thrilled to be on stage with Chic at Glastonbury. SUPER SUCCESS!

dreams to reality -…

GRATITUDE - the self help books always say give gratitude and your life will improve. Your mood will definitely lift. Catch yourself in a moan about something then stop and say things you are grateful for. here and now. My time to write, my computer, my stool I’m sitting on, my fingers typing and my eyes to see. It’s so easy, just need to remember to do it, some write in journals, others as part of a morning or night time routine/ritual/chill, what will work for you?

INNER PEACE - I was struggling at the end of 2016 with a tantruming toddler, losing your temper does not help matters, one needed to find inner peace. I dealt with a few stressful situations last year. With inner peace I coped with my mothers death and I was able read with my brother our mums eulogy at her funeral. With inner peace, the tantrums are few and far between. With inner peace know I have to rest, even for 20 minutes.

Top right. FUN and 3 of my Top 5 Rainbow Restaurants. We lunched at La Botanique and high tea at Sketch (hoping for a girls birthday lunch at the third) Success!

Top left. ADVENTURE, I hoped for a weekend life coaching course in Santa Barbara. Love the town, a place to visit on your LA to San Fran road trip, I didn’t go. Was all a bit much. Florence to see lovely friends and a favourite band, didn’t happen due to work commitments, Yoga on a rock with crashing waves didn’t happen either, although I did practise yoga and go to the beach a lot. Amsterdam did happen and it was amazing!

HEALTHY with a little picture of a salad with flowers to make it pretty, something a never do. I do eat salads and was healthy.

CAZZASIZE I made one. Jumping for Joy. My friend thinks it’s the funniest thing she seen in years.

HAPPY & WEALTHY are joined with a heart post it.

I am very lucky.

Bottom left there are lots of images of swimming pools for LPM our French holiday renovation project. So exciting for summer 2018!

Bottom right lots of kitchens and bathrooms and the new HQ kitchen 2018 is happening!!

Did my vision board 2017 work?


I think that’s pretty good.


Will you make a vision board, what will appear…

Think of everything you want in your life this year.

Find beautiful images on your computer and in magazines or print up in gloss so it’s very clear. Make sure your printer has lots of ink too, ours ran out and the images are a bit fuzzy…

On a A0 piece of card place your images with text written or printed words, motivational quotes etc.

And glue!

Place your vision board 2018 somewhere you can see it daily. On a cupboard door, the fridge, the kitchen, your bedroom, office, shed, whatever is good for you.

Look at your vision board daily make a plan of how your dreams will come true.

Remind yourself to practise, meditation, piano, french, singing, reading, motorcycle maintenance.

What is on my CAZZA VISION BOARD 2018… coming soon.


inspire happiness


So happy Gem Wholesome Kitchen is sharing a weekly recipe and The Spiced Dhal is amazing! Warming, full and flavoursome. Lasted for 2 lunches too. Serves 4.


CAZZA running shoes 2018

10k training is so easy! I think even my 75 year old dad could do it. It’s basically walking for 45 minutes with 4 x 30 second jogs. The app has warm up and cool down stretches in real time.

Will you join me for 10km on Sunday 15th April in Brighton?

It will be fun! And raise lots of money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.


Sweet listening to Cowboy Junkies The Trinity Sessions, recorded in the Trinity Church Toronto in 1987. Beautiful soaring vocal of Margot Timmins, sound soothing and relaxing, Lou read's Sweet Jane sounds so nice, time to rest.


Thank you so much for visiting


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Love love love,


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